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Beksiński’s Dream | ImagineFX Workshop

I was asked by the glorious ImagineFX Magazine to create a workshop about surreal art, and for that, I’d recreate a painting from one of the masters of the 20th century. So, for the purpose of choosing a painting for the task, I picked a piece called “AE85”, by one of the greatest surrealists artists of all times (and one of my personal favorites), the marvelously dark baroque master Zdzisław Beksiński.
Since I’m obviously not a genius like Beksiński was, I decided to approach this mission as an ode to a visionary mind, especially considering we’re talking about reinterpreting a piece of fine art (which meaning and content are subjective) and so I needed to be as objective as possible, in order to pay a homage to the late Surreal master in a illustrative, graphic way.
Check IFX issue 161! There’s a process video, my Procreate brushes and everything.
Hope you enjoy!